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Introducing Dedicated High-Reach Cleaning!

Offered to retail stores, commercial and corporate spaces.  Using our HEPA Filter Vacuums, dusting equipment, and tarps; our high-reach equipment can perform dusting and cleaning in the hard to reach or neglected spaces.

The majority of business owners do not clean places that are hidden from view. As a result of the air’s continuous circulation, dust, debris, and grime land on surfaces of various heights. Over time, the dust may have an impact on your business, health, and productivity.

It might be risky to attempt high-level dusting or cleaning on your own, and most standard cleaning services are not qualified to handle it for you. Fortunately, Ultimate Co. is not your typical cleaning company. Continue reading to find out more about the importance of high-level industrial cleaning.

What is High Level Cleaning

Cleaning those difficult-to-reach places is precisely what high-level cleaning entails. Finding out what has to be done for the task is not too difficult, but getting it done right it is a far bigger challenge.

Because they are hard to reach and maintain, high walls, light fixtures, and any space above eye level are frequently overlooked. Places like factories, commercial spaces, warehouses, and recreation centres might all benefit from routine high-level industrial cleaning.

By arranging this service to lower airborne allergies, retail and commercial businesses can benefit their patrons.

At Ultimate Co., all of our employees have the tools and expertise needed to thoroughly clean your establishment.

Why is professional high level cleaning so important?

Every year, hundreds of falls resulting in accidents are documented as workers ascend ladders or scaffolding to perform self-cleaning on elevated surfaces. Make use of professionals to save time and money.

We dust, vacuum, and scrub high surfaces—we don’t just dust them as other cleaning firms do. Why? Ordinary dusters and dust cloths have a limited capacity to retain dust. They merely move dirt and dust around after a while, so when it settles in a few days, you’ll notice the same dust once more. Spending money or time on poor cleaning is a waste.

After cleaning high surfaces, Ultimate Co. cleans and disinfects to maintain a bacteria- and dust-free atmosphere. As a precaution, we advise that you plan high-level cleaning for after business hours or during an empty facility.

We offer high-level cleaning to the facilities listed below:

Retail Stores
Corporate Spaces

Book a high level cleaning with Ultimate Co. today!

We are located in Burlington and service cities across North America. Contact us here or give us a call at 905-220-5508.

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